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The First Steps to Dealing With Hip Pain

Hip pain can set in at any time, whether it’s due to an injury from playing sports or a long-term illness like arthritis. Find out what you should do to deal with hip pain while waiting for professional care.

Nov 15th, 2021
When Sports-Related Back Pain Requires Medical Intervention

Back pain related to playing sports can stop you from enjoying your favorite activities for days or weeks, but it usually heals on its own. Consider these warning signs that your sports-related back pain needs more than just rest and home care.

Oct 14th, 2021
The Importance of Good Posture and How to Obtain It

It’s so easy to let posture go, to slide into a slouch or to hunch forward. Yet, it feels so much better when you’re sitting or standing straight, with your shoulders back and body balanced. It’s also crucial for your good health. Here’s why.

Sep 9th, 2021
Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Chronic Pain

No one wants pain to slow them down. However, trying to ignore a chronic problem can cause more harm than good. Don't suffer in silence or wait to find pain relief. Keep reading to learn more.

Aug 19th, 2021